RDCI’s is a leading provider of EPABX solutions- a true combination of Analog and IP telephony. The solution provides a set of products and services to fit your calling and other customer touch point needs today with upgrade paths to your needs tomorrow.

The solution fit as per the customer demand and start from small SME to Server based platform integrating with WAN network in greater demography.

It’s flexibility, from an on-premise solution to a completely distributed workforce, from a single agent to 1000’s of calls an hour.

Every building or structure be designed, constructed, and maintained to protect occupants who are not intimate with the initial fire development for the time needed to evacuate, relocate, or defend in place. A successful balanced fire protection plan should be designed so that reliance for safety to life does not depend solely on any single safeguard.

Additional safeguards shall be provided for life safety in case any single safeguard is ineffective due to inappropriate human actions or system failure.